Sports First Aid Courses, what is the difference?

14 Aug 2017 7:16 PM | Anonymous

STO have 3 different discounted sports first aid courses on offer, and choosing the right one is important depending on where you will be working, and what your role will be.

The first one is a One Day Sports First Aid course.  This covers the fundamentals of first aid, which is the equivalent of the Emergency First Aid at Work qualification (EFAW), with the inclusion of strains and sprains.

This workshop is good for those who may help out at a club, but aren't the main First Aider.    If you work in your own clinic, remember you will need to have a first aid qualification to meet legal requirements, and this will meet this.

We also have a Two Day Pitchside Sports First Aid course.  This covers all of the Emergency Sports First Aid, plus the addition of additional spinal injuries, head injuries and working Pitch/Track Side in any sport.  This is the minimum requirement if you wish to work Pitchside.

Our most advanced course is the Two Day Sports Trauma Management course.   This is only available to those who already have a first aid qualification.  It covers advanced first aid, such as the use of spinal boards; tourniquets and hemostatic dressings for use in catastrophic bleeding; severe head injuries, including headgear removal; advanced airway management including intubation; Oxygen and Entonox medical gasses.   This course is the highest level in Sport and is ideal for those heading first aid teams.


  • 24 Aug 2017 12:56 PM | simon wearmouth
    When do you have the next trauma managment
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